How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your car or unload a spare vehicle, learning how to sell a car at a dealership is a great way to make some cash while streamlining your life. And at Southern Chevrolet, Inc., we’re happy to buy your current vehicle whether or not you buy a car from us! Find out what you can expect at our dealership in Foley, and see how selling your car to a dealership works.

How Does Selling Your Car to a Dealership Work?

When you’re getting ready to sell, it’s a good idea to do a little prep work first. Luckily, it’s simple enough to complete in your garage in Daphne.

  • Clean Up Your Car: You want to put your best foot forward, so that means washing and detailing your car. This is also a good time to make minor, inexpensive repairs like swapping out wiper blades and floor mats.
  • Write Down the Benefits Of Your Car: Extra benefits, like a maintenance record or additional accessories, can be a big asset when trading in your vehicle. Make a list to highlight the best features.
  • Have Your Car’s Title on Hand: Many Pensacola customers lose track of their car’s title, so be sure to find it before you pop into the dealership. The process will go considerably faster with the title in hand!
  • Research Your Car’s Value: You can use our Value Your Trade tool, as well as others from or Kelley Blue Book, to get an instant estimate. While this is just an estimate, it can help you with negotiations later.
  • Pick Your Dealership Wisely: A gently used model is generally an easy sell at any dealership, but if your car is older or damaged, you might try a used car dealership instead.

How Will My Appraisal Go?

So, how does selling your car to a dealership work on the trade-in day near Mobile? Here is a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • Make an Appointment: Most dealerships will welcome walk-in visits, but for the best results, you can make an appointment to ensure all the paperwork is ready to go. 
  • Used Car Manager: A Used Car Manager or a salesperson will greet you when you arrive. They’ll collect your information, then run a vehicle history report on your car. 
  • Inspection: Generally, either the Used Car Manager or the in-house service center will conduct an inspection of your car’s quality and mechanical condition. 
  • Consider the Offer: With your firm offer in hand, you’re ready for the final step. Accept the offer, and you can move onto test driving a new car. But if your online research makes you believe you can get a better deal, feel free to negotiate! Our team is flexible, and we want to give you the best possible experience.

Why Sell Your Car at a Dealership?

While it’s certainly possible to sell your car on the private marketplace, many customers find it’s not worth the extra time and effort. Learning how to sell your car at a dealership offers tons of benefits:

  • Save Time & Avoid Hassles: No need to place ads, contact potential buyers, arrange multiple test drives, and deal with no-shows. Just show up to the dealership, and let us take care of the rest. 
  • Lower Your New Car Price: If you want to upgrade to a new car, the price of your trade-in will be subtracted from the price of a new car. That means you can enjoy lower monthly payments. 
  • Save on Your Taxes: When you trade in a vehicle and purchase another car from Southern Chevrolet, Inc., you only pay the sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the cost of your new car. So, you can save quite a bit on taxes.

Find Your Next Car with Southern Chevrolet, Inc.

Whether you’re ready to schedule your trade-in appointment or you’d like more information about how to sell a car at a dealership, feel free to contact us at Southern Chevrolet, Inc.. Our team can walk you through the process, so you can get a great deal with zero hassle!

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