2022 Chevy Bolt EV Range

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV on Street


Chevy Bolt EV range is up to an EPA-estimated 259 miles*, and you can wake up every morning to a fully charged Bolt EV with a Level 2 home charger. Charging the battery is much less expensive than filling up a car with gasoline. For more information on Chevy Bolt range, and how it fits into daily drives around Daphne and Mobile, get in touch with us today!



Chevy Bolt EV Range

The range of a Chevy Bolt EV is up to 259 miles*, which is easily enough for a week of driving for most Pensacola drivers, let alone a single day. All electric, the Bolt offers 266 lb-ft of instant torque, feeling much faster than that figure would make it seem. Outrunning late model sports cars is genuinely possible with its shocking 0 to 60 mph time of 6.5 seconds.

 Most impressive is just how instant that acceleration is delivered once you hit the pedal, as no downshift or anything is required for your passenger to be flung into the backs of their seats on your command. Performance is not the point of the Bolt EV though, as features like One Pedal Driving make efficiency all the easier thanks to regenerative braking techniques. Sport Mode is the way to go for maximum responsiveness.

Chevy Bolt EV Charging

Charging is a critical part of any EV’s usefulness, and the Bolt EV is no different. The Bolt EV can take advantage of the following charging types and amenities:

  • Level 2 Home Charging: Chevrolet will cover standard installation of Level 2 charging outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EV**, so you can top off your battery overnight in your very own garage.
  • DC Fast Charging: The Bolt EV can be charged on the go using the expansive network of over 40,000 public stations across the country, and DC Fast Charging capability is standard across the Bolt lineup.
  • myChevrolet Mobile App: Looking for a charging station in a new location? myChevrolet Mobile App*** with Energy Assist helps you find charging spots on the go, and it monitors your battery level and driving conditions to ensure that you know exactly when you need to recharge.

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*EPA estimated. Actual range will vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, loading, use and maintenance.

**Offer available to eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EV or EUV. Home charging installation promotion includes purchase and installation of a 240V outlet (NEMA 14–50 outlet and new 40-amp breaker in existing panel) from a GM selected vendor. Installation must be located at customer’s primary residence as reported in the customer’s vehicle purchase order. Additional costs to the customer may apply. Customers who do not meet parameters for a standard installation may be eligible for alternative charger offers. Neither a charging unit nor compatible charging cord are included as part of the standard installation. Bolt EUV comes standard with a dual level charge cord. See the Chevrolet Home Charging Outlet Promotion Terms and Conditions for important information and limitations.

***Available on select Apple and Android devices. Service availability, features and functionality vary by vehicle, device and the plan you are enrolled in. User terms apply. Device data connection required. See onstar.com for details and limitations.